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Engine Air Filters

Engine air filters are very important for the life and health of your car. Without an engine air filter, your engine will not run very well or for very long. You need to become familiar with what an engine air filter is and what it does in order to make sure your car is running perfectly. Let us tell you why engine air filters are so important.

Why Do I Have An Engine Air Filter?

It didn’t take long for car manufacturer’s to figure out that cars need an engine filter. Of course, the earliest cars didn’t have a lot of worry about engine filters, because the entire car was open. However, engineers realized that the more closed a system they had for a car engine, and the more bugs, dust, pollen and other impurities they could filter out, the better their car engine performed. Engine air filters make sure that anything in the air outside your car doesn’t make its way inside your car at all. This is important, because if your engine is dirty, your car will not perform at the same level. When impurities get into your engine, it could cause your engine to run choppy, or even overheat. This could lead to an expensive repair for your car, which no one needs.

How Often Does My Air Filter Have to be Replaced?

You need to replace your engine air filter based on several different factors. Because your engine air filter is responsible for putting clean air into your engine, the places and the way you drive figures into how often you need to change your engine air filter. In general, your engine air filter needs to be changed between every 15,000 and 30,000 miles. If you drive over a lot of unpaved roads, or you drive in areas with a lot of smog, you’ll need to change your engine air filter more often. That’s because your air filter will be doing a lot more work filtering out dirt, smog and other impurities than an air filter in a car that spends a lot of time in suburbia.

When you do change the engine air filter, you need to use a filter recommended by the manufacturer. You’ll want your air filter to be the best fit possible for your car’s engine, to keep the engine performance up, and to filter out impurities.

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