New 2020 Chrysler Voyager

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The new 2020 Chrysler Voyager is breaking all of the long held stereotypes that have been associated with minivans over the years, the first being the fact that one of these family-friendly vehicles can’t be both practical and stylish at the same time. Once you get a look at it for yourself and take note of the smooth and sharp angling and aerodynamic design, you will feel your misconceptions slipping away as well.

Whether opting for the Voyager L or Voyager LX, depending on what your preferences are, you also have eight elegant and visually appealing colors to choose from including Brilliant Black Chrystal and Jazz Blue Pearl. The 17-inch wheels add to the exterior presentation, while the interior seating options provide space and comfort for up to seven passengers. There is also plenty of storage and cargo area thanks to the innovative Roof Rack and Stow n’ Place systems.

In addition to combining style and functionality in many of its impressive features, the new Chrysler Voyager also has quite a knack for combining some its most eye-catching accessories with safety and performance. One such example is the Quad Halogen Reflector Lights which not only look good, they help others see you much better, as well as keeping the road ahead well lit.

But what the 2020 Voyager does best is what is expected of any vehicle which is responsible for transporting the people that you love most; safety. With airbags all throughout the cabin, including side, multistage, side curtain, and inflatable knee blockers, it has the protection and security that you would want to be there in the most critical moments.

For a closer look at the 2020 Voyager, just stop on in and see the friendly folks here at Firkins Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram the next chance you get. Our address is 2700 1st Street Bradenton, FL 34208. If you can’t make it by in person just give us a call at (941) 757-3874.