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Frequently Asked Questions About Oil Changes

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Most drivers already know their vehicle requires routine oil changes. However, how many drivers know the details of oil changes? If you have questions about oil changes, keep reading to have your questions answered.

You probably know you need an oil change, but do you know why? For your engine to run, it needs lubrication. This is because metal moving parts under the hood rub against each other. Without lubrication, the parts will damage each other. Fresh and clean oil allows your engine to run smoothly and safely. Oil can get dirty and run low as you drive, so you should receive oil changes often.

The frequency of your vehicle’s oil changes depends on several factors. Check your owner’s manual for the recommended mileage for your vehicle’s oil changes. Once you visit a mechanic for an oil change, they are likely to put a sticker on your windshield that says how many months or miles you can drive before receiving another oil change. If you do not receive a sticker or cannot find your owner’s manual, you should receive an oil change at least twice a year.

If you are taking your vehicle to a mechanic for an oil change, you are probably sitting in a waiting room during the oil change. What you are missing is the removal of your old oil, a cleaning out of the old oil, and the addition of new, fresh oil. Some mechanics will also perform a vehicle inspection during your oil change.

Now that you have more information about oil changes, you can schedule an oil change with Firkins Automotive. Our staff includes professionally trained mechanics who can perform quick and efficient oil changes to all makes and models of vehicles.

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