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Regular oil changes will keep your vehicle’s engine running in top condition. Oil lubricates the engine, removes dirt and other deposits, and provides some engine cooling. New oils have better operating life than ever, but they still require regular changes. This is where the Firkins Auto Group can help because our professional service technicians can provide your oil changes and any other maintenance or repairs you need for any vehicle.

Oils fall into two categories — natural petroleum-based oils and synthetics. Although synthetic oils can be based on petroleum components, they can also be created from other chemicals. Many newer engines specify synthetic oils because of their advanced wear protection and good heat and chemical breakdown resistance.

How often you should change your oil depends on the manufacturer and age of the vehicle. Many older engines recommended oil changes based on mileage and petroleum-based oils. Most newer cars use an oil life indicator, which considers the mileage driven, type of driving, speed, and engine temperature. The indicator will come on when it is time for an oil change, allowing you to make an appointment with us and get your oil changed without keeping track of the mileage you have driven.

The mileage allowed between oil changes has grown as new synthetic oils have been developed. Some cars allow 10,000 miles or perhaps more between oil changes. Having a car with an oil change indicator will take away the guesswork of when to get your oil changed. We recommend you periodically check your oil level between changes to avoid running low on oil. Oil loss can increase as the vehicle ages and engine clearances get larger, which can allow some oil to be burned in the cylinders. Let us know here at the Firkins Auto Group if you need assistance checking your oil or instructions on performing the check yourself.

The Firkins Auto Group is conveniently located in Bradenton, Florida for your convenience. For Mitsubishi service, please call 941-260-0562. For Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, or RAM service, please call 941-803-1083. We look forward to serving you at Firkins Auto Group.

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